Let’s face it the water treatment industry has had a bit of reputation not unlike the used car salesman, a reputation we all wish would just go away for good. Unfortunately, there are still water treatment companies that still operate this way, sell at any cost. My personal experience with a certain water treatment professional was very eye opening when I experienced pressured to purchase a system that was not needed and did not address my concerns. However, water treatment is a tremendous industry, which helps millions of people improve the quality of their drinking water. It is an industry that will only continue to grow given the various contaminants that are being found in our water and how they are widely publicized in the news. This favorable business outlook can bring out those looking to capitalize, perhaps bringing along some unsavory business practices. Membership in trade associations gives you access to education and professional certification programs.

How do you take advantage of this favorable business landscape?

With all the news surrounding water quality issues, people are gravitating to the water treatment industry as it continues to grow, after all life will cease to exist without water. In order to thrive in this industry, you need to take steps to set yourself apart and be competitive in the market. One of the best ways to do that is to invest in yourself by seeking a professional certification. For the water treatment industry, the Water Quality Association offers a variety of certification levels designed for sales people, installers and customer service representatives.

Why Certification?

Obtaining professional certification signals to your potential clients that you are serious about your profession and are willing to invest in yourself and your business. Furthermore, certification indicates you have the knowledge and expertise to assist clients in improving their water quality issues. Consequently, having professional certification puts you on a level playing field with other individuals who are also certified and gives you an edge over the competition who doesn’t invest in certification.

Treating water properly is complicated, after all water is the universal solvent and new contaminants are being introduced into our water at alarming speed. Professional certification ensures that you continually pursue knowledge about new and improved treatment technologies to meet the needs of new contaminants and health concerns. Certification helps you get the reputation as an expert which translates into business for you.

EWQA Is here to Help!

The EWQA supports our certified members by providing educational classes to maintain their certification through continuing education credits. EWQA’s education program includes classes that are based upon the WQA’s MEP Training to assist those in the midst of the MEP training. At this year’s fall conference, the EWQA is providing WQA’s MEP classes for our attendees at no additional charge. This year we have two industry experts, Doug Haring of Clack Corporation and Greg Reyneke of Red Fox Advisors, both of whom have helped the Water Quality Association in developing the MEP.  Both will be teaching a couple of classes that are MEP focused and will help attendees with various MEP required activities. Additionally, there will be other classes which will highlight various MEP lessons and training activities to help attendees enrolled in the MEP to complete several activities at once and get a real jump start on getting certified. The EWQA has a special offer for new companies who join our organization for the first time, will receive $100 off a full conference package for up to two individuals.